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Random Happenings

26 December
Hm what about myself can I say about myself that would really make a difference in how one would perceive me? I can rant on for hours about who I am, what I believe blah blah blah but would that really give you an idea of who I really am? All right fine I will try my best to describe myself then.
I am a usually bored, somewhat lazy artist who hails from New York. I'm a technophile, a bibliophile but most importantly a Yaoi Junkie. I write read or draw when I feel the need to but I usually slack off most of the time. Well not too badly though I do do my own artwork in the time I slack off, I do have my creative bursts when my drunken lazy muse decides to get off her fat lazy ass and do her job and inspire me.
I love Saiyuki. At this point I think I'm an addict to that show. I love saiyuki yaoi even more, especially Saiyuki villains who are much fun to watch 'cause they are all either super obsessive or cocky and funny. I also like unconventional pairings because these turn to be the most hilarious in fanfics... I do watch other anime as well I have a huge collection of both anime and manga but I'll always be a whore for Minekura-sensei's art and charecters.
I do take Japanese language courses, I'm okay at it so far although I wish I had more practice in conversation I can understand what is being said but can't really formulate what I want to say yet.
Had enough of me ranting now? I think I got bored of listening to myself...

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