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Damn flu season gets me every time. x.x So much hw to make up and school just started. Fail.

October looks really exciting. Between ensui_fan coming and ycon. Need to figure out my make up this year. crackneko left me her make up kit and now its just practice just to get it right. This year my goal is to be creepier than ever! I might try the artbook cosplay again this year since I lost enough weight to fit into the jacket again and I wont get caught in doors with the sleeves like with the other Yisou costume. It was really bad when I got it caught in the bart turnstile thingies once. ensui_fan is going as Hakkai again so we can pimp our OTP out. Im attempting to make the puppet he carries but my paper clay seems resistant to my ministrations so we'll see how it goes.

Now...I really should get on my homework before I die...

Summer report!

Its been a long summer. But all in all a pleasant one. I managed to get at least two things that I had longed for, for a long time worked out wonderfully. One of them was wanting to go to Nepal, and the other... well I don't think I will mention it right now.


Went back to my parents in Bangladesh. Found out lil brother had started cutting himself. Poor kid, I understand its pretty hard for him there with the huge culture shock. I've been there and it sucks ass. He's adjusting better now though so I'm happy. My rents went on thier usual OMG you need to lose weight thing they usually go on. It was rather irritating, and It didnt really work at all either. I wish they'd leave me about it but I've kinda got used to it. Other than that I caught up on a lot of reading.


NEPAL! ♥ I think I've found a country I have fallen in love with utterly. Not only does this country have such a rich Hindu/Buddhist culture, There is art at every corner. People devoting themselves to art the making and worshiping of it. For an artist it was heaven. I'm considering learning Thunka painting there for a bit after I graduate, First we went to Khatmandu, which has as much awesome nightlife as it does beautiful art and architecture I went up to this temple, which is called Swambunath or the monkey temple. I swear I have never climbed as many steps as I have done then. The last set had to have been at a 70 degree angle! I think I almost fell off once... But the view at the top was spectacular! And there were some adorable Tibetan monks too. Boudhanath was another temple we visited and it was just as lovely. People circled around the temple spinning prayer wheels they had to spin for a certain number of times. Then we went off to a place called Nagarkot where if the skies are clear one can get a view of mount Everest. Unfortunately for us we weren't lucky enough to see it, although we did see some of the loveliness of the himalayas. People in the mountains seem to have such a serene lifestyle. Then we went back to Khatmandu to take a bus to Pokhara, Its a lovely lake town and has a view for one of the other ranges. We had no luck there either. It was raining heavily so again no mountains. ;_; But all in all it was a fantastic trip. I'll upload pictures later. My dad is talking about maybe trying a trip to Tibet through Khatmandu. >_> I did spend a lot of money though. But I bought some cool things. Like the five pronged Vajra Kami sama likes to use in Saiyuki. It doesn't shoot beads though. And stuff for the apt. I want to go back again.


Went back to Bangladesh. And we decided to take a trip to the sea near burma. I got to visit the port city where my dad grew up. We stayed with a childhood friend of his, who was kind of a racist jerk. >.< The sea was beautiful though and it was by the indian ocean. In a nerdy moment I thought of Goujun cause he was supposed to rule that sea. Then we went to the burmese market and bought some burmese souvenirs. Two weeks after that I came back here. The long plane ride was longer than normal. and I'm glad to be home. I think misosoupaddict was happy, I think she was going crazy from being alone too long. I'm just glad she didnt start licking the walls. I'm picking up my other room mate and a close friend from high school tomorrow, so I should probably start heading off to bed.

I hopefully will have some nepal pictures up soon!


Finals.... It's bearable so far. I think that I'm passing all my classes thankfully. It took a lot of extra work to make up everything after all the crap that has been thrown at me this semester. I seem to say that every semester it seems.. .Perhaps I should learn to cope better with things.

Anyway I handed in my illustration homework. We had to do an editorial and a celebrity illustration. For my celebrity I chose david bowie in his goblin king garb in watercolor... It took dix hours but I had a lot of fun doing it. My editorial was much more boring so I thought it looked a bit unfinished and weak. I ended up getting an A- on the editorial and a C+ on the bowie one... I mean from a grade stand point, the editorial was worth 3 grades so it should boost my average up more, but I really had so much fun with the bowie one. I mean I guess he looked kinda girlish but that end us happening with a lot of my illustrations. I cant seem to get away from drawing butch women and girlish men... Maybe I should just draw hermaphrodites as a career to escape that flaw. o_o;; I guess it ended up depressing me more than it should.

Also I need to do laundry desperately soon. Not to mention groceries. You know its bad when we consider making hotdog onigiri because thats all we have in stock. >_> It should have been a mac and cheese night if we had mac and cheese. Maybe Ill make egg curry when we get some eggs.

Anyway one class down, two to go. I have a art history test tomorrow. I hope the vagina table comes up on the slides since its kind of fun. and then all I have to worry about is finishing my painting for my figure painting class.

Only a bit more...

I think I want to sleep for a week after this.

fanart post

Title: Yisou orgasm face timez. (ohhh such a serious title)
Artist: bunnyfetishist
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Not Worksafe...at all.
Character(s): Cho Hakkai x Chin Yisou
Medium: Sketched in mechanical pencil and then painted in photoshop.
Time Taken: Two or three days. My painting instructor would lol for me using the painting techniques he taught me for this.
Note: This was loosely based off a rp I had with ensui_fan although it didnt take place on a kitchen counter.

Your face twisted in painful pleasure.Collapse )

Yea... Totally wasting time on drawing porn instead of doing the painting I need to be doing for school. 4 weeks left and counting. I wonder if I'll manage to get everything finished in time. I mean I shouldn't complain. I' getting to draw slight homosexual necrophillia and man tension with historic figures. Who could complain right? except for the fucking persian backgrounds!!!! I hate drawing environments!!! Especially if every single god damed thing in the back ground is textured! x.x Not to mention the massive amount of make up work I have for my figure painting class.

If I survive through the next few weeks I'm entitled to a cookie.

Dear OTP....

I hope I have appeased you for now. Here have some pronz.

Hakkai x Yisou for the win!

Yisou likes it.

Goooonoooouuuu.... Yes that face.♥Collapse )

Probably gonna crosspost to some communities later
And the day hasnt even started yet. The flight was long but ok. and seeing the fqamily was good too. But for some reason after the plane my legs have swollen uplike sausages... and now my face has too. kind of like a bluenberry. I think I'm having some sort of weird allergic reaction to something here. On top of that I lost my voice... and have a fever to boot.
Here I was kind of hopeing my actual bday would be okay since when I tried to celebrate it with my friends all I got was massive drama. x.x

Its still early maybe the selling will go down....

Still Alive.

Hey guys. I know I've disappeared for quite a while there. Its been a bit hard to stay online. Lotsa drama this semester. And finals kicked my ass majorly. However despite all that I managed to make it through somehow, Two of my professors gave me a really good portfolio review and that made me happy ^_^ My final painting for my still life class came out good too although my professor teased me incessantly on the subject matter. I had painted some booze with a pack of ciggies and some condoms. My classmate was joking that all the other paintings were having unprotected sex since they didnt have condoms in it.

Im heading to the rents place tommorow, Long flight is Loooooooooooooooooong. However it will be nice to see them again. I'll also finally get to work on my fanart again (yay!) I think I'm gonna be roped into selling this year so I need to begin to get my prints and such ready for it. Not to mention do some new art as well. Hope I can get it all done. I did a bunch of stuff this semester that I havent scanned yet.... >_> AiGin shota seems to be rubbing off on me lately. I miss drawing Chin Yisou too... he made my days fun ;_; Although I really do like who they cast for him in the musical. I feel very excited. <3 I'll proilly have to help my dad around his comapny too while Im there.

Anyway Hopefully I'll be way more active over winter break. Merry christmas everyone!


Nov. 24th, 2008

I really should be finishing my homework that was due last week instead of being here doing this. >_> I'm kind of sick of hw anyway.

Anyway. Last night Christina, Clarissa and I were up at some bizzare hour of the night again. And unfortunately made the mistake of looking up things on Google earth for fun.

I screencapped some of the winners.

Oh the crack~!Collapse )

Anyway.... I know that was a fail post really.... But fuck that. this semester has mind fucked me. ;_;

WTF condom?

I was fighting with my printer for the last half hour.... Trying to get a project done...

Christina checked it out.

Turns out there was a CONDOM in my printer.

WTF Printer?!
Its been a stressful last two days to say the least. My six hr drawing marathon went okay. Didnt do so well on the three min drawing but did pretty good on the longer poses. The male model had boring construction clothes on so i had fun changing what he wore. Our female model has some sort of lolita cowgirl going on and I got tired of drawing her floofy skirt after a while. Had an earthquake drill during lunch. It was more silly than helpful. We had to duck under the flimsy plywood cafeteria table. At least a lot of my friends are in the illustration building on Tuesdays, so it was fun. I came home and was so exhausted.... and my medication makes me moody. So my emotions has been all over the place the last two weeks. ;_; Did my hw in a rush and it looked like it was done in a rush. Damn I failed at faking it. I'm usually so good at it. Matt brought over his current crush at some late hour and sort of annoyed me since things get super loud whenever Matt comes over. Since I was sleep deprived as it was i was trying my best not to strangle him.

Today I failed epically. I was half asleep during most of heads and hands. And maybe ended up with only one or two decent hand drawings. My grade dropped from a B to a D since I'm missing some work that I have to make up by next week. I also have to do another workshop before I'm even sort of caught up. I hope I can catch up somehow. Its getting to be a lot. I just need to get through 7 more weeks of it.

Dad called yesterday. Flying to Bangladesh on the 22nd of Dec. It'll be nice to see my lil bro again. I hate long flights but I get to hang out in Hong Kong again so thats okay. I wanna go to that anime building again. It was fun ^^

Anyway I need to wash off the fail from my body and start on my homework for tomorrow. I really need to stop procrastinating so much.


Edit: I fail harder than I thought.... I broke my spot light so I can barely see anything.... and Matt's light is florescent which is terrible for such things!!!! He didn't tell me earlier so I could have run to the hardware store. The store is closed already....... ;_;

I doubt I could fail more than I ever could.

Edit 2: I just did. x.x