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Back to the grind.

So... Been out of commission for all of two weeks. The good news is that I'm better now from that nasty bout of swine flu. The bad news is thinking of how the hell I am going to be able to make up the pile of work that had accumulated over the past few weeks without falling ill again. Can it be break yet? And somehow I magically passed all my classes and produced awesome work for my portfolio? The past two weeks was a codeine induced haze.

So still need to finish my watercolor of Dr. Horrible. And decide on what animal to paint for the next project and do a color rough for that. I think I'm going to do an arctic fox cause they are so friggin cute! They also have the kinda fox smile that I seem to like characters with. I don't think I can salvage my grade in my english class though so maybe I'll drop it. Stupid boring english 3 with your stupid persuasive essays.

I still owe you guys a Yaoicon 2009 report as well as pictures. I hope I'll have them up soon.

Sita sings the blues.

Since I'm quarantined at home anyway, and I'm tired of sleeping. I watched this cool movie on youtube. Its a independent flash animation about the Ramayana (an old Indian epic) Its pretty cool. It adds elements of indian art and culture in a hilarious modern way. Anyway I wanted to share this. Its a bit long like almost 2 hrs but well worth it.

Anyway the interesting thing is that the woman who made this was put under fire since she used the Ramayana and I heard some of my indian friends complain that she cant use it since she is white. But thats kind of stupid isn't it? Being from that region myself, I don't feel offended. It should not matter what culture one belong to, I mean if someone feels a deep connection to a story, then they feel it right? Silly nationalists.


The best and worst week ever.

Ycon was a blast but thursday I was hospitalized with a 103 fever. Still recovering from the superflu. All my pills make me pass out, I'll give a full ycon report when i'm not too dizzy to sit up.


And just for the hell of it.

Instead of doing my hw like a good art student today I spent time making little cosplay props.

Here are Yisou's mahjong counters and Hakkai's Chi ball (made for ensui_fan

Hakkai's ball glows in the dark!!! <3

I want to do a lot of minute details to my cosplay this year. Lets see how it all comes together.

Oh and I just wanted to share this....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The vajra on the right is my favorite souvenir from my trip to Nepal. Maybe I can do a Kami-sama cosplay in the future?


Oct. 25th, 2009

It was a good day. Cleaned the house somewhat. ensui_fan is coming over this thursday for Yaoicon so I want the place to be presentable at least. This apt looks better than the last one where we couldnt see the floor so at least that is an improvement. I still need to pack so I remember to take all the components for Yisou's costume. Both the manga one and the one in backgammon.

The best part of today was that the second musical finally came out! It was fun and wonderfully campy. I love the stringy violin music that follow Yisou around. It suited him pretty well. Even though they turned the centipede scene into a fight scene they still pulled it off really well. And Lian Li was the prettiest lady EVAR! ♥

I need to finish my hw fast. Like in the next 2 days. I did some designs for the alice in wonderland project, and I'm still a bit vague on the how finished he wants this thing. Also doing Dr. Horrible for my watercolor class. He's fun to paint and I have an inkling that I'll have to take my watercolors to the con and work on it there as well. x.x A midterm on Wed and a quiz on Thursday. Looks like the con will be the closest thing to a vacation I'll have.

Anyway, those people on my f-list that are going, I'm really excited to hang out with you guys again! And I'll see everyone else if I survive this crazy week.

Oct. 6th, 2009

On the positive note...Going to the cartoon art museum today.

On the down side. I'm still not done with hw.

6 hrs into comics hw.



Its the 2am panic setting in right about now.

Monday, Monday.

Monday feels like it is always lost in doing a flurry of last minute homework. I forgot how much work taking a full load entails. The weekend is usually spent trying to recuperate from my week of pulling all nighters left and right only to repeat the same cycle the following week. Damn I really need to get better at time managing. This weekend was fun though. I got to hang with speedtracer and moonflurry Its been a while since I have gotten to see them and the last year it was only seeing them for a short lunch before it was off to rushing home to finish hw. It makes me nostalgic a bit though. Those girls are pretty much my first friends at the academy and had dragged me along to my first ycon as well as the first time I'd sold work. It felt like I had more time to do things back then. Maybe my core classes ask more of me and I have to put more effort in doing good. I'm worried about my comics class the most since I feel like if I fail at that I'll have no hope at all since thats my friggin major I'm doing okay in it I suppose but its hard to keep up with the workload. I'm really loving my watercolor illustration class though. We're designing bags and my illustration has role reversal in it. My english class feels pointless. Its beyond easy and the academy seems to have low standard on writing in general it seems.

Ah on a mildly amusing note. We were brainstorming ideas in my Illustration 2 cause one of my classmates is in my Comics 1 class as well. She's doing something victorian so we started pitching ideas and some how we ended up with JACK THE RIPPER- APOCALYPTIC ZOMBIE HUNTER! That would be the best B movie ever. I wanna do an illustration for it now. And I love other sleep deprived illustrators. Where else can you get such wonderfully cracktastic ideas?

Bah I miss being online and doing creative things I want to do. I WANT TO DRAW MAN PORN. I wanna work on my cosplay makeup before yaoicon rolls around. I really don't want to do hw anymore.



20 books for $20. It was a good day to be a bibliophile.

Sep. 24th, 2009

Note to self: