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Is it over yet?

Can semester be done yet? Can I just sleep for two weeks straight and not have to worry about bills or work or dream about watercolor or exploding children? Do I have to got to the hospital at 830 in the morning tomorrow to figure out what to do about this bill and then go immediately to class after for six hours? Do I have to have two finished projects due as well as ink illustrations? Can I just curl up in a tiny ball and cry for a while? Can I stop being irate at everyone and everything that crosses my path? Can I go out for a drink sometime soon? Or go out in general? Can this god forsaken headache just go away?

Can I survive the amount of work I need to finish over the next two weeks?

I'm over school.



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Dec. 5th, 2009 11:40 am (UTC)
You can make it!!!!!!! Push those exploding children aside and charge forward or better yet, throw them at your obstacles.

Seriously though, good luck with everything and hope you feel better soon. :) *hug*
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