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Since it has been a while since I actually did any fanart, much less Chin Yisou Fanart, I'm going to share my WIP of this one. I've been trying to play with paper textures with a bit of a grittier feel.

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14 days to yaoicon and counting. Just finished this doll as part of my cosplay. That is ensui fan looking all derf faced on the right XD. New improved cosplay almost done.

I'm so lazy.

So its been a productive yet artistically unproductive break so far. crackneko Spent two weeks here and that was great fun! I miss her company already. ;.; She did help us(my roomies and I) get the whole apartment sparkling though! It hasn't looked this nice since we moved in. >_> We fail at organization. Also we are the proud owners of two sewing machines, which we happened to acquire in one week! The lady in the fabric store across the street let us keep a bunch of free patterns too. I found a cool bunny plush pattern and a few skirt ones. I wanna make cute bunnies for my friends. Now if I can figure out how to work the machine... Also I found an epson multi purpose printer/scanner for really cheap and am giving my old hp to a better home. My poor old machine looks kind of sad though.

The best part of this break was that I finally am getting financial aid! Yaaay no more worrying about how to finance my expensive tuition. I'm taking a full load this year again. Also I have decided to take three art classes and one liberal art instead of wussing out and taking two liberal arts and two studios. I need to kick my own ass into drawing and painting again after the epic fail of last semester. I'm taking clothed figure painting (planning to switch from acrylic to oils this time around.) Clothed figure drawing 2 and the class I'm most excited about.... Digital painting! I hope I manage to keep up with the work load. I had to switch my history of comics class with history of film cause it conflicted with my other class. Sorry paradoxhorizon it looks like I'll only have digital painting with you. ;.;

Other than that, I've been reading a lot of nonfiction (a fascinating book called the trouble with Islam today by Irshad Manji. Its a really good read!) , playing video games, rping with ensui_fan, and generally taking advantage of being able to be as lazy as I like until the semester starts again.

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First of all thank you amai_kaminari for the adorable snowflake! It was so sweet of you!

Its been a lazyish weekend. I know I should be working since I only have two weeks of school left, but I keep having this bout of lethargy I cannot seem to shake off. I think its the cold weather. It makes me want to hibernate. IT SNOWED TODAY!!! WTF SAN FRANCISCO?! It never snows here!! I hope its not too rainy tomorrow. The last thing I need is to slide down Powell hill and into traffic. At least I have insurance now. I went to the hospital offices on Friday and they gave me an insurance and waived my bill for me. Woot! So one less thing to worry over. I cant believe I made it through the day! I had my 7 hour water color class right after. We're doing a children's story 2 page spread illustration. I have decided I wanted to do One thousand and one Arabian Nights because I want to learn how to paint brown people. After purchasing a copy of The Nights I realize how wonderfully risque it really is! misosoupaddict and I were cracking up reading it in class. Basically its about two King brothers Shahriyar and Shahzaman ( the latter who hilariously has my last name in his name.)The younger had a wife who had an affair with a servant and he killed them both, emoed for a while and his brother had a hunt to cheer him up but he was too emo to go, so he hung around the castle and witnessed his older brother's wife have like an orgy with a bunch of hot black men. And then he was basically like..."Ok my life isnt that bad." So he told his brother and then they had a bromance (literally!) and ran off for a while deciding that until they find someone whose lives suck more than theirs they wont go back to their respective kingdoms. So they come across a very phallic sounding demon who had this woman he snatched away locked in a chest and was all gloating about how his captive wife was so pure and chaste. The Kings hid up in a tree in the meanwhile. The demon let the woman out while he slept, I guess he wasn't very bright and he woman demanded the two kings to fuck her or she would have her husband kill them. So after very little arguing, they did and she took their rings and said that with them she had fucked a hundred men while the demon thought she was so pure LOL. And the kings felt bad for the demon and decided that life definitely sucked more for him.
They went back to their respective kingdoms and Shariar now very disenfranchised with women, decides he will marry a woman a night and behead them in the morning. Some children's book this ones gonna be huh? XD;; The bromance aspect was awesome tho. Even misosoupaddict who isnt into that kinda thing wanted to slash them!

Saturday misosoupaddict and I went to Berkley cause I wanted indian food and the motherland was calling or something. I also found an awesome Costume history tome that will have all the historical reference I need for years to come. I was so happy!!!

I'm doing my comics homework now. Im glad this class is kicking my ass into working on m own comic. My teacher and I were joking about how many upshots I'll need to show the sheer epicness of my main character. Hes a badass mafiash CEO yo, who you would upshot just drinking coffee or on the toilet to epic orchestral music. Which reminds me. I had a dream a week ago about children with exploding heads and there was an entire musical sequence of children running around with thier heads exploding to orchestral music. It was weird and I think its a sign to get more sleep and that caffeine is bad before bed.
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Is it over yet?

Can semester be done yet? Can I just sleep for two weeks straight and not have to worry about bills or work or dream about watercolor or exploding children? Do I have to got to the hospital at 830 in the morning tomorrow to figure out what to do about this bill and then go immediately to class after for six hours? Do I have to have two finished projects due as well as ink illustrations? Can I just curl up in a tiny ball and cry for a while? Can I stop being irate at everyone and everything that crosses my path? Can I go out for a drink sometime soon? Or go out in general? Can this god forsaken headache just go away?

Can I survive the amount of work I need to finish over the next two weeks?

I'm over school.

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I came home today and Christina tells me she found this article while on Yahoo news.

Apparently a pizza guy got stabbed early last morning. The jacked up part is that the pizza place was right next door to my old apartment. I used to go there all the time and some of the young guys who worked there late nights were really really sweet. Its really sad to think that one of them had gone in such a brutal way. And even more disturbing that it happened right in front of the place I used to live only eight months ago. It was a random killing too by a crazy person. Certainly there are quite a lot of crazy or drunk people in that neighborhood. I remember how many people would be ranting and raving just after 11 around the tendernob, it was part of the reason that we decided to move to inner richmond to begin with. Its just really sad that it had to happen, and especially to someone so nice.
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Question Meme

This definately looked like a lot of fun so I guess I'll take a crack at it. <3

∙ Leave me a comment saying: "MY ANUS IS BLEEDING!"
∙ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better!
∙ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
∙ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

For sarene:

1) It's kind of a simple question, but how are you? You got all crazy sick after con, right? <3

Much better thank you.<3 I'm still coughing a little but other than that I'm almost as good as new. ^_^

2) lolhey, what ethnicity are you? I was wondering at con, but ya, didn't want to sound like some kind of like racist dick. XD

Nah nothing racist about that question. My rents are from Bangladesh, but ancestrally I'm from West Bengal in India. I think I'm also 1/16th Yemeni. XD Just a buncha brown people shoved together LOL

3) since you haven't gotten around to a y!con report, did you get up to any shenanigans in SF? X3

XD You mean at the con or in general? You witnessed the main of our shenanigans at the party. XD;; We went to in and out and Cho Hakkai fan was thoroughly traumatized by my friend's driving, Also I kind of accidentally knocked her down on a curb, thankfully she didnt get hurt o.o;; . In general I get into all kinds of strange shenanigans.... once we took the condoms from the womens clinic, blew them up and shoved glow sticks in them to make condom lanterns. It was fun XD.

4) You're in art school, right? *stalking your profile for questions to ask* What're you studying and what's your dream future career?

I'm majoring in Illustration with an emphasis on comics. I would love to get paid for drawing. I just love storytelling in general and if I can draw or paint pictures that tell a story that pretty much rocks my socks. I would like to do comics for my self and maybe publish my own book someday. Thats my dream career.

5) uhhhhhhhhh why can't I ever think of a 5th question? XD uhhhhm... Ah! I just put two and two together that you live in SF. Dude, we live close to each other! well, a few hours, but still!

XD Yay! We should definitely hang out next time you're in town ^_^ <3

For eyesofshinigami:

1. What do you plan to do once you get out of college?

Man I've been mulling that over all semester. I would like ideally to get a job in illustration, but the industry is really hard to get into so I'll prolly take whatever job I can get. I wanna wait until ChoHakkaiFan graduates and maybe we will try for the Teaching English in Japan program. They have good pay and good hours and a pretty high demand for native english speakers. I know intermediate japanese and want to get better at conversations so thats one way to do it. Its still really open ended so I'll just have to see.

2. If you were offered to fly to anywhere in the world, free of charge, where would it be and why?

Asides from Japan to feed my Otaku nature? Maybe south east asia. Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia.... They have some really pretty art and architecture there. and I like traveling to exotic places LOL

3. Where is your ideal place to live?

I kind of like it here in SF, but asides from that I like cities and places a bit more laid back and easygoing as far as politics and stuff goes.

4. Tell me about your dream job.

Drawing pretty pictures and getting paid for it. XD I'd like to make my own comic someday or bring out an artbook when I'm good enough. If I can manage to do that I think I can die happy.

5. Do you have any other ideas for cosplay?

I like adding a little bit on my Yisou cosplay every year and make it better and better. For him I want to make his Donald Duck pajamas since Minekura mentioned in one of her interviews that he sleeps in them. Maybe I'll make his creepy baby puppet doll as well. Its in progress but it looks like Quagmire from family guy at the moment.

Asides from saiyuki, I would like to do a Kusuriuri cosplay from the anime Mononoke. But that would take time and money that I don't have at the moment.

That was really fun!

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Its terrible when you wake up in the morning, stare blankly into space and think... I should do my homework...but I want to draw porn.
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